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Protect and deliver world-class digital experiences for financial services.

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Enemy at the Gates: Analyzing Attacks on Financial Services
State of the Internet/Security

What are the common attack vectors and techniques used against financial services?

Our latest research indicates that attacks against FinServ in areas like web app and API, DDoS, phishing, and botnets continue to grow year over year. Find out why.

State of the Internet, Volume 7, Issue 2, Phishing for Finance
State of the Internet

Phishing for Finance

Learn about the latest trends and attacks used to target the financial services industry and how to defend against them.

Strike the right balance of security and convenience

Protect customer credentials and accounts

Beat SMS phishing lures and one-time password tactics that target consumer banking.

Defend every site, app, and API where deployed

Defeat sophisticated, targeted cyberthreats with multilayered, scalable security.

Secure multi-cloud, diverse environments

Stay in sync with regulations and requirements no matter how you design your system.

Products for Financial Services

We wouldn’t be able to operate a DNS infrastructure with the scale and security Akamai provides — it would be too operationally complex and financially not feasible.

Manikandan Kadarkarai, Principal Network Engineer, Intuit


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